Policies & Services

Air/Oil Separators: Since we cannot test the effectiveness of these products on every type of vehicle and engine configuration, your results will vary depending upon your driving style, conditions, frequency, and how well you take care of your vehicle.

Caution: Never allow the trapped liquids level in your air/Oil Separator reservoir to reach a height that would allow those liquids to be pulled into the filter media retainer tube. The rate at which your Conceptual Polymer Separator will accumulate liquids is based upon many factors. Therefore is is absolutely necessary that you check the level often enough to prevent inclusion of bulk liquids into your engine.

Maintenance: The aluminum filter media retainer tube threads should be periodically (during every filter cleaning operation) relubricated with silicone grease or anti-sieze grease to prevent galling of the mating threads. This is also necessary for aluminum reservoir threads. The filter media tube o-ring (2-016 Buna N Shore A 70 hardness) should be lightly lubricated with silicone grease, every 2 years or when dry.

Support policies

We take pride in offering great customer support for our products. Our contact information is at the bottom of each of our website pages. We will answer all inquiries within 24 ours of receipt.

Refund policy

Any of our products can be returned for refund or replacement within one month from date of receipt.

If you have installation problems with any product, please contact us as soon as possible. We will try our best to resolve the issue.